boone jenner shows you how to treat a stick right.


does jonathan toews do coke? jonathan toews would never do coke. what is cocaine? did patrick kane give it to him? should i do coke? would jonathan toews offer cocaine to youths? doesn’t jonathan toews love hockey too much? is there a fan fiction about this? do i know the real jonathan toews? is it more likely that jonathan toews does cocaine or that jonathan toews doesn’t do cocaine? will jonathan toews read these rumours about him on the internet? does jonathan toews use firefox or chrome? what if jonathan toews uses internet explorer as well as cocaine? is jonathan toews running for mayor? am i naive for saying that jonathan toews wouldn’t do drugs? am i silly for thinking that a rich boy would avoid the occasional cocaine with his pals? do you smoke it or inject it? would jonathan toews be mad at me for doubting him? would jonathan toews laugh at me for thinking that he’s not into drugs? can someone do cocaine and still be a good person? where is patrick kane?

im so chill im practically dead

get to know me meme ||{ 2/5 } Favourite Female Characters

➟  Audrey Horne (Twin Peaks)

“I’m Audrey Horne and I get what I want. “

  1. somebody: wow your lipstick is SUCH a nice color! what's it called?
  2. somebody else: it's my chunky dunk hydrating lippie
  3. somebody: what the fuck