#this is how i picture tazer and kaner all the time

God, yesssss. Hotel room after a game, they’re both wrecked, too exhausted to do anything. So they just slump out of their suits and into their boxers, make a half hearted effort to brush their teeth and wash their faces, and then just collapse together in bed. Kaner whines a little bit, makes noises about how it’s too hot, Jonny’s too heavy, but Jonny just throws his leg over Kaner’s and tells him to shut the fuck up, all soft and low and fond in his ear. And they fall asleep like that, together, and it’s perfect.#and later that night #or early in the morning #kaner wakes up with jonny’s hard cock pressed against him #and he’s half asleep #but he moans a little and pushes back #lets jonny rub off on him #and it’s slow and lazy and sleepy and so fucking hot #jonny reaches down to palm kaner’s dick #and he’s breathing hot and wet in kaner’s ear and he fucks against his ass #’shit kaner’ #’you’re gonna make me fuckin’ come’ #’you close babe?’ #and kaner jerks in his grip #his mouth open and panting against the pillow #and spills all over jonny’s hand and wrist and the covers and everywhere #and jonny groans #grips kaner hard #and spurts his come all over kaner’s ass #uh #patrick kane #lil peekaboo #jonathan toews #captain serious #captain peekaboo #hockey

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. UNACCEPTABLE. BUT PERFECT. how do you always know exactly what i want? ;_;